They say the passage of time
will heal all wounds…
But the greater the loss,
the deeper the cut…

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And the more difficult the
process to become whole again.
The pain may fade, but scars serve
as a reminder of our suffering
and make the bearer all the more
resolved never to be wounded again.
So as time moves along,
we get lost in distractions,
act out in frustration…
React with aggression…
Give in to anger.

All the while, we plot and plan
as we wait to grow stronger.
Then before we know it
the time passes…
We are healed, ready
to begin anew.

4 thoughts on “Beginning”

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  2. Thank you for reminding me that I’m stronger than I ever thought, have more courage than most, unstoppable, fearless, loyal, refuse to be kept down , and live with a passion that radiates an energy that pulls people toward me … Sometimes it takes a stranger to get you to realize that you only get better by the day……

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  3. Yay❤️ love is the best healer.. Not the love we show for others, the love we cultivate for ourselves.. Self love! Not the one mixed with ego..just the pure love that we give to others, we can give it to ourselves too..
    It heals quick

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