Trip to Shani Shinganapur. (July 2015)

In the last month, we were out of the city for a road hangout.

We were not sure about the location we were about to visits.
I look up online as usual, and decided to take a drive in the Ahmednagar Dist.Read More
It was going to be a family reunion, and hence we all agreed to devotional places.
We book up a traveller for 20 people and made an online booking of accommodation in the Shirdi, with the Shirdi Devasthan Trust for 2 days. Since We were sure about the room and facility they used to provide. Early in the morning we packed our bags and we leave for the journey via pune ahmednagar highway.
This road trip makes us refreshed.

Shani Shinganapur, Nevasa, Ahmednagar.
DSC00008 DSC00019  DSC00009

Few photos are from the Shani Shinganapur from Nevasa, Ahmednagar. It is known for its
popular temple of Shani, the hindu god. The Village also famous because there is no door on the houses, no theft has reported.

Shree Kanifnath Gad, Madhi, Ahmednagar.

DSC00046  DSC00082 DSC00123DSC00119 DSC00091

This temple is situated at Madhi. This is the Samadhi temple of Saint Kanifnath. Samadhi is in beautiful stones.
it is 51 km away from Ahmednagar and 10 km away from Pathardi. Shri Kanifnath is one of the nine great Saint nath person.
There are places of five nath situated on the border of Beed and Ahmednagar District. They are all near to each other.

Shree Mohta Devi, Pathardi, Ahmednagar.

DSC00145 DSC00146 DSC00148

These photos are taken from the temple of the Shree Mohta Devi.
It is a holy place situation from the few kilometers from Pathardi, Ahmednagar.
Probably on of the beautiful temple, still under construction. Many Devotees come to
visit this temple during the period of Navaratri.

Moments with my Family.

DSC00075DSC00090DSC00016 DSC00017 DSC00029

8 thoughts on “Trip to Shani Shinganapur. (July 2015)”

  1. Thanks for bringing us along on your trip! That’s cool! I had a vision, a long time ago, about a man in white dressed like the man behind you and your brothers. He looks like him too, but my memory’s fuzzy because it’s been awhile since I’d thought of it. Weird, huh? Oh, well…


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