Started Running

Before couple of years, I was suggested to run because of my cardiovascular health issues and excessive fat over my body. And I was going ugly and little weird. Since my school

Read More days I wont be able to actively interact with jogging or running or anything which are related to cardiovascular exercises..
So it was kind of easy said than done.
I was 12 years old when I have participated in our Pune International Marathon. Included this I had successfully completed 3 marathon in a row. Those who are under 14 years have to complete 3.5 km of track. I always wonder nowadays how was that possible for a guy like me.
Even a mile of run makes me feels exhausted, sore my knees badly. So taking into account my previous sporting activities I decided whatever happens I have to take a leap in this. In the first week of my fresh run, I started to move along a track of 2.3 km near our house. That week was very crucial to get something which I have lost long before. So I had tried to give my whole effort into my those run, with ignoring all my physical condition and my diet,
cause very vigorous pain in whole leg. With the thought of displacement of knee muscle I interrupt my further schedule, and try to arrange appointment with a Orthopedist.
I took a break of few weeks for repairing my knee and recovery. That time I could have almost break my whole leg, I got big disappointment of my life. Lots of people used to jog everyday, and I was also very excited over starting something new which would change my life. Cause I inspired myself by reading all the on-line stuff about benefits. It made me self-conscious.
Right after a month of knee injury, I could have try to walk by myself without support perfectly. It took me 14 months to overcome from walk to run. And now I am running 2.5 km three times per week.
In that one month of injury, I realized what types of pain are, mental, physical, emotional etc. Already I have a lean personality, When I used to hit on the track, it sounds like old running days, people often questions me about why I run. This remind me how I struggled. I run because I started linking my body. Glad to know I am back and hopefully I’ll do better in the future.

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