The Neighbor Girl

I’ll never ever forget the event first time i see her. Some person comes in your life, and all of a sudden your life starts to change, you see a hope in them, you dream,

wish to be with them, try to share what you have. They become almost everything for you like a family even you make them your home. But what if they don’t feel the same about you.

She used to live near my home.
Lovely, charming, cute, stunning, intoxicated, crazy, intense.
Oh, I miss her calling ,”Sunshine”.

I was very much impatient and excited to know about her. I love to see a smile on her face and totally nuts about her. I like to talked with her. She possessed a lots of things which i love insanely. Except I have a bad reputation of loving someone who doesn’t love me back.
So that I started keeping distance from her for my sake. But more I ignore the more she started growing on my mind.
I haven’t abandoned her, I still care her, I just didn’t know how to be with her. Truly wanted to be a part of her life.
But how. Cause she is already filled with everything, she has a best friends, lots of other friends, has a better and big family. Eventually I learn that she deserve better.

And all of sudden she disappeared. Don’t know where. She transferred somewhere else, resigned from the medical. I’m missing her and dieing to see her. I don’t know how. Perhaps lost her for forever. At least she knows that I’ve a feelings for her. I think I have to move on in this life with her memories. To be honest, I heart her.


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