Mental Problem

Hit the gym early in the morning, today was my chest day, begun working out with incline dumbbell press. After a couple of sets with 17 kg dumbbells, I tried to press chest with 20 kg dumbbells for the first time. And suddenly my right hand felt tired, and

Read More imbalanced right and left hand combination. Almost I could have damaged my face. I ask to one of my gym trainer about this situation, on this he told to me that it’s a mental problem.

In fact I have observed this thing since past 3 weeks.
Still not sure about my unequal strength in my arms. Don’t know how I am going to handle this.
I am still thinking about what my trainee said. I am what if he is wrong.
What if it’s not only my mental problem. Of course he is right on his own place, proving him wrong means standing against him and starting a cold war. And after then I will have to carry on with suffering of bullishness. I think i am putting myself in situation. I need a second opinion or maybe third, cause assumption doesn’t work on everybody.

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